Play Street Museum – Cypress, Cypress, TX

Welcome to Play Street Museum in Cypress, Texas, the perfect place to keep your family entertained. This facility is a vibrant and bright interactive environment, with so much to do that the fun never stops. Play Street Museum is located in a brand-new building designed to look like a giant house. The space is filled with rooms that are all themed in a variety of ways. One of the rooms might be decorated with a farm-themed play space and another might feature a pirate ship with a secret treasure waiting to be found. There are also plenty of activities for kids of all ages, with games, art projects, and interactive exhibits. Information can be found here.

The design of the museum also provides a great opportunity for parents to stay connected with their children, as they can explore the museum together. Parents are encouraged to join their children in the activities, which often include things like art projects, Lego creations, and special learning activities. The museum also provides special programs for families, like art classes and design challenges. As with any museum, education is also a major component of Play Street Museum. There are several interactive exhibits that allow children to learn more about the science and history of their environment. For example, the exhibit entitled “Changing Seasons” allows kids to explore the changing seasons in the environment while they learn about the plants, animals, and weather conditions in their area. See here for information about Houston Area Live Steamers, Cypress, TX.